Finamore shirt

The history of the Finamore brand, the world's most prestigious manufacturer of custom hand-made shirts, dates back to 1925, when Carolina, the founder of the family business, opened a tailor's shop in the heart of Naples. She began to sew shirts for selected customers using the best traditions and practices of famous Neapolitan tailors, the so-called Camiciai, literally artists in the field of hand-sewn custom shirts. The second and third generation of the Finamore family learned how to master this art and reached the absolute peak and world recognition. Just like the works of Italian painters and designers or top-quality Italian cuisine cannot be imitated, handmade Finamore shirts also cannot be duplicated. It is a jewel in the art of tailoring, which is inseparably connected to the place of its origin. Thanks to tradition and sophisticated know how, only Neapolitan tailors are able to attach sleeves comfortably at the shoulders using a loose style, "mezzo punto", and allow the customer to enjoy maximum comfort. They manually sew around each buttonhole, and stitch buttons using a special Neapolitan style called "gallina". Monograms and embroidery are also done by hand with the help of a powerful magnifying glass. Naturally, they use the highest quality fabrics available. The result is a unique product, and of course, the price and delivery date follow the same pattern.
If you demand uncompromising quality, go for a hand-sewn Finamore shirt. Even if you have only one shirt for special occasions. Windsors is the only store in the Czech Republic that can get this for you and of course we guarantee uncompromising quality. When you put it on you will understand why this shirt will satisfy even the most demanding customer.
Details - original "mezzo punto" style, typical only for this type of shirt, hand-stitched shoulders. The feeling you will have in the shoulders will be extremely comfortable and will be the unmistakable hallmark of the quality of your shirt. Hand-sewn collar, handmade buttonhole edging, buttons sewn using Neapolitan stitching called "gallina". Manually embroidered details using a magnifying glass, such as monograms, etc. Pearl buttons naturally come as standard.
Order processing - after a careful measuring and fitting session, the design is cut and your unique style is created. All other work is also done entirely by hand, all is sewn using a needle and thread, regardless of the number of ordered shirts. Delivery time - about 2 months
Prices start at CZK 15,490.00