Are you an individualist successfully managing your world and convinced that all your decisions are the correct ones? Do you have high expectations and demand high performance from the world around you in terms of luxury and high quality workmanship, down to the last detail?

We will help you to emphasize your originality with the most luxurious product on the Czech market, a SOLITAIRE suit, hand-made by Italian tailors, world recognized masters of traditional fine craftsmanship! It is characterized by a refined elegance, sheer exclusivity, and by the use of exceptionally high quality materials tailored to perfection. The heart of each suit is the so-called "full canvas" design. This internal reinforcement determines the character of the suit. It is cut and assembled so it can move independently of the outer fabric and lining. Thanks to the use of high-quality reinforcements and horsehair in combination with a precise cut and skilled craftsmanship, the suit will become softer, more comfortable and will perfectly fit its owner. 

Prices start at CZK 38,900.00