Bespoke - custom tailoring

At Windsors we place emphasis not only on men's but also on women's formal clothing, and we share their same passion and care.  Whether you are looking for a blouse, skirt, pants, ladies' suit, coat or anything else, after a meeting with our personal consultant you will be able to select your product and we will be happy to hand make it for you using the Bespoke method.  You can choose from a wide variety of top quality fabrics made by the most reputable manufacturers.  Our personal Windsors consultant will help you to choose your style, cut and material, and at the same time your consultant will handle and ensure smooth processing of the entire order to your maximum satisfaction.  We will be happy to quench your thirst for luxury and originality by offering unique costumes and evening dresses from the collection of a prestigious Spanish fashion salon.  Two seasonal collections created every year will certainly help you to choose your style and satisfy your taste.  Original ideas and an individual approach to your order will satisfy even the most demanding customers.