Bespoke shirt

This is a premium quality shirt. If you expect luxury and perfection from your shirt, then you certainly will not be disappointed by a Bespoke shirt. All procedures and work are done by hand. This system requires an extremely focused approach and personal attention at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Details - large selection of details. Each detail may be designed individually according to your taste. For example, a unique design for collars and cuffs, hand-sewn pearl buttons, etc.
Order progress - Careful measuring during at least one fitting session and careful modelling of your cut to fit your figure perfectly. Precise modelling and attention to the smallest details is typical for the Bespoke system. Everything must fit perfectly. Your unique cut is carefully transferred to the fabrics that you have selected and then your final product is made. Your personal paper cut and design will be saved at Windsors.
Prices start at CZK 4,850.00