Made to Measure

Thanks to the flexibility of the Made to Measure system, your shirt will be an original that exactly matches your style, and thanks to sewing machine technology you will also save time and money. Tweak your design with our help down to the last detail. We will accommodate the design and size of your shirt to exactly match the your type of body, your character, individual needs and desires, as well as the selection of suitable details. You can choose from a wide variety of collars, cuffs, fastening systems, etc.
You will surely appreciate it if your custom-tailored shirt is fitted with the following:
Characteristic signs of quality - cut saddle, double dorsal seam, 1 mm edge stitching, high-quality reinforced collar and cuffs, precise pattern transitions between seams.
Choice of details - collar shape or colour contrast of the inside part, type of cuffs, fastening system with the choice of coloured or pearl buttons, colour-edged buttonholes, monograms embroidered with different kinds of fonts and colours.
Quick order processing - one carefully conducted measuring session and selection of the most appropriate fabrics and details. Completion date in the form of final tryout within 3.5 weeks. Your perfect cut and design will be stored at Windsors.
Our reasonable prices start at CZK 2,100.00