Quality, innovation, efficiency and personal approach is the foundation on which the Scabal company has been building its achievements since its establishment in 1938 in Brussels. At the time of its establishment, the company consisted of just five employees and acted as a local supplier of fabrics for the production of men's suits. Since 1950 the company has been supplying the world's most prestigious tailoring salons, and since 1960 has been operating - as the only manufacturer of fabrics, its own branch on London's famous Savile Row. Due to its strict focus on development, inventions and continuous effort to push the boundaries, and thanks to its uncompromising emphasis on excellence, the company today delivers its miraculous fabrics to the most prestigious salons and suits manufacturers in 65 countries. The company utilizes 70 years of experience in the operation of cotton-mill shops in the UK and Italy. Supplies of silk, mohair, cashmere and cotton come exclusively from the best producers in the world. The vast range of products and designs, including fabrics containing gold, platinum and diamond dust as well as other rare materials, is unparalleled. The company has enjoyed a long-lasting global primacy in terms of smoothness of suit fabrics thanks to the world finest wool fibre, called Summit, with smoothness level Super 250's. These are the reasons to choose SCABAL when searching for the right materials and for uncompromising quality for your suit.