50 different types of materials, a combination of a minimum of 30 traditional production processes, a lot of meticulously handcrafted operations supported by the experience of many generations, and a huge dose of enthusiasm. These are the inimitable ingredients from which Paolo Scafora shoes are created. Shoes of exceptional quality. The history of the shoemaking Scafora family is more the
history of an artist than of a skilled craftsman. It is the story of revived and advanced structural systems Goodyear and Norway. It is also the story of each piece of leather, which plays its own role in the structure of the shoe. It does not matter whether it is Italian calfskin, French calf, crocodile or ostrich skin or American shell cordovan, a rare piece of horse leather, which is enough only for a single pair of high-quality men's shoes. These are all good stories, or rather with the best endings, because they end with a pair of perfectly fitting Paolo Scafora shoes. Come to Windsors to see for yourself. Our Paolo Scafora shoes are sewn using the original Goodyear Extreme system. It combines a frame system with a similar system called Bologna construction. The result is extremely durable and exceptionally comfortable walking shoes. Try them on and discover the luxury and comfort of these shoes, exclusively handmade with passion and a love for perfection.