Workshops and training

Do you need help with your company dress code?

Do you need to train your management and staff in issues of culture and clothing styles? .

We will be happy to assist you and will produce for you a "custom-tailored" solution.

We use different approaches if it concerns financiers, businessmen, politicians, or representatives of less conservative professions. Or, of course, if it concerns a woman or man.  Based on a successfully completed training course, management people should be able to navigate through relevant and complex fashion issues easily.

Based on a discussion with the client, we will figure out what should be the goal of the training.  To impress a client or team of coworkers?  To dress presentably before your subordinates?

The programme and style is chosen based on the actual position and status of the trained group.  The focus is different if it concerns middle management or business people.  Or whether this group deals more with multiple end-users, or if it manages its own business unit only,  or if the trained person is a politician, senior manager, or lawyer.

We understand that it is also very important to know the weaknesses of the trained group.  Our experienced instructor is able to solve problems for example with personal hygiene or bad dressing habits elegantly.  These issues are often very difficult to discuss with your superior.  Our trainer cleverly uses specific cases as general examples, so a specific employee has the chance to realize that these issues concern his or her dressing habits and that he or she has the chance to remedy these defects without feeling embarrassed.

Our seminars mostly focus on business dress codes.   We provide advice which will help you to dress properly for general or special events.  What and how to dress for casual work events, parties, balls and other social events.  Due to the complexity of the issue, we also teach students how to buy clothes, and how to properly handle and care for clothing.  We also introduce our students to basic visage elements and principles of social behaviour.

An extremely important part of the seminar is the section focusing on motivation. We explain logical reasons why it is necessary to know what, why and how to follow style and how the company will benefit from it.

Upon agreement with the company, we may also set the company dress code during the training, including the preparation of dress code rules in written form.  We may also check whether these rules are followed by performing a corporate audit - an unannounced inspection, from which we will produce a final report.

Our seminars are based on personalized and careful approaches.  We use funny, witty and easy to follow principles, many pictures and provide ample time for discussions.  The aim is to ensure that students will identify themselves with the knowledge they have picked up as much as possible.   Students must feel that they are the "co-authors" of this new corporate dress code, which will make it easier for them to embrace it.